Just an update. Hope you had a great New Years. I recently sold some A3 prints from my project Swiss Design within a Historical Context. Pictures Below

I’ve been trying to create new bits for my society 6 along with older work. Here’s some examples:

This was a photo I took recently – I love the composition of the seagull and calmness I get through the photo.


I’m a massive fan of F1, so decided to get loads of footage together and edit it into something about 2 minutes long which is a bit hard considering amount of footage I had. But loved looking back at some of highlights of the year and editing them together using Adobe Premiere and reminded me how much I love editing,

Can’t remember the last time i went out for a day without looking a computer screen. Reiss Cleal or Chill Cleal even, no he doesn’t sell ice cream but would be a good name if he did, found Painshill Park and after having a quick look at work (on my lunch) agreed it would definitely be a cool place to visit. I guess ill start with one of my favourite shots. Which i didn’t expect to say from just looking at the screen on my camera but the colours i love and composition of my flower with blurred colours in the background – Liked it so much I put it up on my Society 6. Worst Plug Ever

I love the sense of autumn you get in this one, lovely crisp brown colours.

This was taken outside the grotto. I had not seen anything like this limestone before and is considered one of the best. I love the angle of the limestone and trees creating a almost perfect shape in the middle.

Thanks for having a look at the post. Hopefully ill be uploading some new photos soon – you can purchase some of the photos at Society 6. If you have any feedback please comment below.

Sorry for the lack of posts recently been busy working away at my recent internship – which i will post more on later.

I’ve set up a society 6 store purely based around my designs which you can find here – This includes IPhone cases,frames,Canvas prints and a range of print sizes

I also have a store aimed more at photography and a range of different designs which you can find here.


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